Zohodesk - Playstore Integration Setup Guide

PREREQUISITES – Before starting the setup

Login to your Zohodesk account

Goto Setup > General Settings > Departments

Create new Department if there is none.


Step - 1 (Account Setup)

  • Install the extension with the required details.

  • After installing, click authorize to connect the extension.

  • In the connection field, Enter connect and save the detail

  • Then go to preference tab which is located in extension setup and enter your credentials to sign up.

  • After successful signup, Go to app widget in the ticket details page and setup your app

  • Before logging in to your account, please verify your email from the registered email address

  • Step - 2 (Zohodesk Setup)

  • Provide your Zohodesk Client ID & Client Secret.

  • Register your application to complete Zohodesk Authentication. Click Add Client > Server-based Applications

  • Provide Homepage URL as https://zohodesk-trustpilot.spritle.com/ and Authorized Redirect URI as https://zohodesk-trustpilot.spritle.com/zohodesk/authentication

  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for Authentication

  • Click Authenticate and then Accept to complete Zohodesk Authentication

  • Enter the department name which you have created in zohodesk in Ticket Field Setup
  • Click-> save to store the Ticket in a particular field

Step - 3 (Playstore Setup)

  • Follow the instructions from the below link to get the JSON file
  • https://developers.google.com/android-publisher/getting_started
  • Create new service account

  • While creating service account please select role as owner in Service account permissions

  • Give a name and select the JSON format option after selecting 'Furnish private key'
  • JSON file gets automatically downloaded. Use this JSON file in next step
  • Now in Google play console, Under 'Service account' click GRANT ACCESS button and select the 'Administrator' option as shown in the image below

  • Enter Playstore app name and package name
  • Input google JSON file
  • Click Add App

  • Select star rating and Enable polling status to start fetching the playstore reviews

NOTE:The polling frequency is the time interval for fetching the reviews. Its set to 5 minutes by default. which means for every 5 minutes the app will fetch the new reviews created in your playstore app.